What's With the Generic Titles?


Is everyone out of imagination or when has using a couple of keywords become accepted practice for titling a track? It seems authors should at least number there tracks for customers like “Epic Trailer 1” so they can keep track of what they are listening to. Seems to cheapen the whole vibe of AJ but I guess it works since everyone seems to be doing it. Thoughts?


It’s a tough one… you’ve got to think of what people will be searching for, and that’s usually going to be descriptive words like epic, emotional, inspirational, corporate etc. There was a guy a while back who said that people should get creative… his example was if they have an epic sci-fi sounding track then they could call it “I am your father” or something like that. That’s great and all, but who is going to type I am your father into the search box? They’re more likely to type in ‘epic sci-fi’.


Title = keywords. It is as it is.