Why wont AJ allow tracks called "The Rainbow (Solo Piano)" but "Solo Piano"?

This is something I treid a few times where I had a tracktitle like Rise of the Titans or so and then put a (Epic Trailer) behind it. But the (…) always got removed. They didnt say anything in their review like that I shouldn’t do that, but it never stayed. And yet tracks who’s titles are basically tags are allowed like “Epic Cinematic Trailer” or so… Is it maybe because of the (…)? Would “Rise of the Titans - Epic Cinematic” be accepted?
Any other library I submitted to (5 or so) allowed that.
Thanks for reading.

Hi ! Simply because it’s more clear for search engines and clients to just put “Epic Trailer” or “Upbeat Dance” than a title like “Rise of the titans (Epic trailer)”. Your title must be short and as clear as possible. Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

OK: You think I can a track Epic Traile but keep the title of the file (also indicated in the description) a proper title (because of PRO registration)? Can’t really think of that causing too much confusion.

Yes it will cause confusion for PRO. That’s why I suggest you for your future tracks, to register it on PRO with the name you will give on Audiojungle.

For this track put the real title on the file name as it is register on your PRO and yes indicate it on descrpition.I don’t see so much better solution right now.


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In my opinion: we need to radically change the way you search. Who came up with that “search engine” and set the priority to the name? why do we write 30 tags? The title should be random like regular songs, and so we have “100 000” tracks with the same name. as for social networking. sites by type “soundcloud” not very beautiful track called “Epic Cinematic Trailer”. emphasis must be placed on tags.

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I agree with you but I think it’s definitely more simple and quick for buyers to see a clear title. They directly see what the track is about and they don’t waste time to click on play.

I have seen tracks with titles like Heaven’s Gate Ethereal Ambience or so, so I guess you can do that and then it should be easy to understand that Heaven’s Gate is the actual title, if written in the description and the audio file named that way.

Or like this one: https://audiojungle.net/item/united-in-hope-epic-uplifting-trailer/20270204?s_rank=18

I stopped naming my tracks as tags few month ago and it didn’t effect on my overall sales. Therefore i try to name my tracks with a bit of creativity and that’s cool.:grinning: