What's the reason of rejection

Hi guys, Envato started to reject almost all my photos for (I beileve) no reason.
I’ve been in stock sites for about 6 years and have thousands of sales monthly including these new images which make profit for other stocks but not for envato because of its stupid rejections.
What is happening here?
Here is the image (for example) they rejected, any thoughts why? It’s not a similar item btw.

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You’re not alone with this problem.

I left Envato for the same reason. I sold my account to a dude from a country where he had troubles making his own account. As Envato started to reject all my photos for absolutely no legit reason and stopped paying me like they did before (I lost about $250 to $300 every month), f.ck them.

I sell my work on Adobe Stock now and it’s a much better website for photographers. If one of your item is rejected, they give you a specific reason why, and you can resubmit later when the problem is fixed. Sure, there is more sellers, so you have to make better photos to sell on Adobe Stock. But I have absolutely no regret whatsoever because I feel like Envato screwed me for months, big time.

I’m pretty sure Envato wants small photographers to leave the website, that’s why they reject almost everything except items from corporations, and that’s also, I guess, the reason why they changed the way they pay the authors.