For sellers on Photodune and Adobe Stock

Hi !

As I need to sell my photos elsewhere to improve my incomes, I’d like to know if item’s quality is more important here than on Adobe Stock.
It seems that it is, because of the number of rejections I faced here. I only had one rejection on Adobe Stock and they explained me the reason why they rejected my item (noise). Here, I have no explanation whatsoever when an item is rejected.
Thank you for your feedback

as I mentioned in another post, every stock agency has their own standards as to what is acceptable and what is not…some are higher than others and vice versa. The best thing is to upload to as many sites as possible and ‘spread your bets’ when it come to sales.

I agree that it would be nice to have a more in depth reason as to why the image was rejected instead of just learning that your image ‘Does not meet new photo requirement’s’, so that we could maybe correct any issues and resubmit. If the image was such that it couldn’t be corrected at least we would know what to look out for the next time before uploading another image/version for review. It would save us and the reviewers a lot of time…don’t you think?

Absolutely gcpics, this would be the bare minimum. I understand that some photos don’t require the standards in Photodune and must be rejected, I totally get it and it’s no big deal. But I’m very frustrated when ALL of them are rejected at once and Envato doesn’t give any reason.
Honestly, I really think those photos were pretty good enough to not be rejected. It almost feels like someone hates me personally in Envato :smiley:

They are using automated algorithms to determine a bunch of things. Which they state in some of their documentation. So that accounts for some. The other reason stock agencies reject is because they have no idea what really sells. This is especially true in the wildlife/nature arena. I have just come to expect it, laugh and move on. I have had images that sell like hot cakes everywhere else and here they get rejected. Some of the shots were even ran on covers of magazines. The same is true with other agencies I have used.

same situation, bro.
all my photos were removed without any explanations. and yes, they sells on another stocks, like Getty, Adobe, e.t.c.

Absurd is the almost same photos are present on PD and sells good.