Where's the feedback on rejections???

I’ve been doing stock photography for about 9 years now and I can handle rejections…I honestly don’t get upset about an image being rejected, but what really does get under my skin is the fact that here, my image(s) show up in my portfolio for about a day or so and then disappear…without any emails or messages as to why the image(s) was deleted.
How the heck can I make or apply changes to future uploads in order to have them stay in my portfolio if no one points out the so called faults which lead to the deletion.

I’ve had images rejected here that have earned me well over a $1000 on other sites without any indication as to why it wasn’t worthy for Photodune. One of my most recent rejections has already been sold over 200 times since I uploaded it to the other sites about 8 months ago.

It would just be nice to know why an image didn’t make it.
So if any member of the support team reads this I would really appreciate some constructive feedback.



Hi there !

I’ve got the same problem. All my new images are rejected and I never get the reason why (except that stupid mail everybody gets when an item is rejected).

Can I ask you on what other sites you sell your photos ? I can’t stay here if everything gets rejected, I need to sell to survive. And honestly, I wonder if Envato is not trying to shut down Photodune. Some amazing photographers I know get their items rejected for no reason whatsoever. It’s just crazy.

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hi buddy , what do u mean disappear ? normally if u are hard rejected u receive a notification and if u do not get it , well , this is 99% of times inside the spam folder of your mailbox …

Hi Guys,
what I meant by rejections had disappeared was I meant I couldn’t find them in the old place but I have since found them all in my Photo Manager…so that’s that problem cleared up.

I was however, pretty shocked to see all the images that were rejected or should I say removed from my portfolio when I was invited to elements.
I will agree that some of them were not up to scratch, in fact I was pretty embarrassed to see some of my very earlier work that I had totally forgotten about :smile: but on the other hand I have had loads of images removed that do get sales on the other sites I’m with. Some of which are sold nearly everyday.

All sites have their own different standards and it’s something we must respect. In the beginning when I was starting out in stock photography I would get annoyed when images were rejected…I took it very personnally…nowadays when an image gets rejected I just shrug it off and say to myself ‘well if they don’t want it that’s their choice’.

I’m with another seven agencies (which I don’t think I’m allowed to mention by name on here) and to be perfectly honest I haven’t had any rejections for about a year or more from all of them. So if envato reject any of my image(s) that’s up them, it’s their site and they are well within their rights to do so and I have no hard feelings. I’m just happy when my image(s) are on at least one site (but it’s normally all the other 7 sites) so I know it wasn’t a complete waste of time creating and uploading my work.

Just to clarify…stock photography is a hobby for me but it could be a totally different story if I had to make a living from my photography.

Happy shooting and good luck with any future uploads.

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you’re not alone with this )
I sell photos on Getty, Shutter and others, but cant even publish photos here.
Once I was granted to do it and after ine week all photos were removed without any explanations.
Its amost 1.5 year Im trying to be an PD author, but I think this section on Envato is only for special people.

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Am puzzled as well on the expectation of Photodune so much so I have stopped uploading for 2 years, coz I received emails on warnings that my account would be disabled if I continue to receive rejects. Have started uploading two weeks ago when I learned that they have changed their policy. No more disabling of accounts but if rejects are higher than a certain %, they would put a quota to uploads, of which I am fine.

After two weeks into contributing again, yet as puzzled as before over their acceptance criteria. I simply cannot spot any common faults, or preference. If I know they have certain preference, at the very least I can avoid sending certain assets to Photodune. I am a seasoned contributor to SS, AS, iStock, etc, and we do know the peculiarity of respective agencies. But, absolutely no clue on Photodune.