Why my photos get rejected

I would like to know why my photo always keep rejected and after rejection i am not able to reupload. can some please share with me some solutions please.

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Yeah, sometime the same thing happens to me too. I also need the solution.

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@eelinstudio @James_avery

Yes, it can be very frustrating to receive rejections. Have you read through the Photo Requirements to make sure you meet the standards put forth by Envato?

Also, this article on the most common reasons photos are rejected can be helpful.

That said, it also can be due to it just isn’t the type of image Envato is looking for right now. It might be a perfectly fine or even amazing photo but if Envato feels it isn’t something that a lot of customers are looking for, they will reject it. The photos I personally liked the most that I took in 2023 were rejected by Envato.

What type of photos are you submitting? A lot of my “pretty scenic” photos are rejected. Ones that are more “stock photo” subjects (medical, money, computers) do much better.


I guess contacting their customer support could solve you issue.

Maybe images was not customers is looking. But once get rejected I can’t resubmit it again.

I should try. Thanks for the advise

Yes, it can be very frustrating. It is the main reason I sell on several different websites. Unusually I can get at least one of them to accept what others reject.

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