Photo Review rejection reason


i would like that envato would give a reason for a “hard reject”.
because i don´t know why some images are rejected and others not.
and when i don´t know the reason… i can´t fix my upload strategy.

i upload to 8 other microstock websites and overall 95+% of the images i uploaded to envato are accepted there.
with envato i have roughly a 70% acceptance rate.

some websites don´t like some content and i have figured that out pretty quick in the past… but with envato it seems kind of random.

i know the typical reasons. sensor dust, noise, technical quality, sales potential.
when i exclude the technical reasons (in the end the images are accepted on other microstock websites) i see sales potential as a reason.

especially for 3d renders.
envato don´t seem to like 3d renders that much.
but these images are my bestsellers on envato… so there is sales potential.

for example one image that was rejected belongs to a series of images i sold over 7000 times on shutterstock.

so i would really love to see more insight into why an image is rejected.

greetings from germany.

Try uploading 3D renders to GraphicRiver under Graphics > Backgrounds > 3D or just Graphics > 3D Renders (depending on what fits better) instead PhotoDune. That’s where 3D renders should go. I hope this helps.

Regarding reviews, they never really explain why something is rejected, unfortunately, as that is time consuming for those 1000s and 1000s of submissions every day.

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