Item hard rejected, can anyone please tell me why?


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Looks like it’s just a photo - should be better suited to other stock sites. I don’t know of a category on graphic river that would allow this kind of item.

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Yup, this is definitely a stock photo, not a graphic.

This is not a photo.
It is a 3D rendering, submitted to Graphics/3d render.


Wrong category

In that case, not sure why it was rejected and this one approved -

But in any case it would work well on a photo stock site - realistic 3D renders like that are good to sell on such sites.

@romlam Where would you submit it?
On photodune i was instructed to submit it to graphicriver, because it is not a photo.

Of course it would sell on other sites.
This image is already selling on the largest stock sites.
That’s why i was surprised about this rejection.
Especially after seeing here some other 3d renders that where approved in the same category not so long ago.
Makes no sense to me, so i posted this to see other people opinions.

Well the only way to get a definitive answer is to contact support, I think that’s the only way of getting an answer from staff about a rejection.

On my exclusive account here, i had a lot of problems with reviewing my 3d content.
Some reviewers simply didn’t understand how 3d works.
I had a A4 format discussions with them about my items.
For example. I got a reject on a mockup on the basis that it has hidden layers.
Those hidden layers where options (reflections) for the users.
Everything was clearly explained in the manual(video+text).
After contacting support file where approved.
I posted this to see other people opinions about the “it isn’t at the quality standard required to move forward” part of the rejection.
In my opinion there isn’t much more room for improvement on this image :slight_smile:

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