why my item are been rejected ?

Hi, everyone…please help
I posted my item on envato in first time, and it been rejected without explaning the reasons

“Unfortunately your submission doesn’t meet our current minimum technical quality requirements for the category it was submitted to.”

I posted it in “Graphics” category. Maybe for 3d renders i must select other category ?

Also, i have item whith this robot on 3Docean (3d model)
[link removed]

I think that rejection was not because the render has bad quality.
It has big resolution and alpha.

You should post in 3d renders category https://graphicriver.net/graphics/3d-renders

Also your robot’s legs are bit short.

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but I haven’t this category (

First choose Graphics and from upload page choose 3D Renders and Characters

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Thank you! I’ll try

Amazing and very hard work! It would be foolish not to accept this

You cannot re-upload an item that has been hard-rejected. Otherwise, you risk getting banned.
In the category that @DesignSomething wrote you about, you can upload your next similar items.

but how i will know what reason of reject ?
I can fix bugs, but i don’t understand what i must to do to fix ((

There maybe lots of reasons…who, from envato, can say exactly what is the reason?
I confused, where should I go? ((

he does not risk to be banned but to have his upload rights revoked temporarily this is a bit different all the same