What's happening?


Hello! What is going on with sales? I have a large number of views and sales 0.


It seems that most authors ask themselves this question, while strongly cursing…So sad


Basically Envato is doing a relentless and hardcore marketing campaign to move our AJ costumers to a new platform named Elements. Hold tight because it will get worse.


And what is the essence of this program?


Something like this…


basically a customer can buy a subscription for something around 20$ and take everything he wants unlimited.
It’s in few words


Good! And what will we have from this amount? Percent? Or how will the charges?


I don’t sell there, so I can’t tell for sure, but at this point it makes no sense. As far as I know PinkZebra (#1 on AJ market) want to remove his 200 tracks from Elements because earnings are far lower than expected.


Hopefully a new career, maybe a teacher or taxi driver.


u have a variety of issues explaining very weord things … sales in usa are down the kerb , unfortunately and apart from this they have their very infamous experiment that will bring nothing but wrong things to authors , once again


i do not know for music , but i know some guys sellign graphic design there and they are doing pretty good, way better than they used to do without elements … the thing is that envato is inviting whoever they want … so that all authors are not free to judge by themselves if thsi is worth joining for them …


u are already lucky lol u do nto have place it in addition lol maybe they have not found a way to make nonsense automated music as they do wth graphic design …


I believe this can be true. I might be wrong, but Elements for graphic design was implemented much eariler than for audio, so much more customers could alredy bought a subscription. Still, I don’t know all the details of their model.


u know anyways , life is not black or white , there tons of rey in between anyways … the model can be discussed, for sure … especially as regard to what people are selling … this is also true that this kind of services is a treat for pirates , they can have tons of items for a small amount … most the guys who are part of these systems are also quite confronted with piracy


Yes, piracy is the biggest issue here. Also many authors complains about type of licenses on Elements. Many AJ authors think that subscirption should only be for a Music Standart License and nothing else. Which is still not the case


Yeah, heard about the placeit platform. It’s definitely yet another pretty big rock in the road… about the automated music thing, check out AIVA, it freaks the sh#t out of me. The level of customization and detail it achieves through parameters like mood, tempo, note density, etc., are disturbingly amazing.

Yeah, it might be artistically soulless, unpersonal, cold and what not, but that’s a whole different discussion…


well this is even worst in the music department then … since honestly the graphic design / flyer section is really a joke and if a review thing had to be done, none could be approved if u ask me lol but as a lot of people cannot figure out what quality is all about …


I think that intelligent customers are seeking intelligent music from intelligent brains. A machine is so far away from us… in creative arts a machine is not the future. The actual artists are the future (still)




Well, yes, I might partially agree, but that’s a whole different discussion I’d sure love to share in a bar with a few beers and not in a forum writing in a lenguage I’m not fluent in. Aren’t, though, these conceptions we deliver from our hearts and creative minds a chain of learned behaviors, practices and decissions we aquire throughout our experiences and education? Can’t all this be assimilated and performed by a complex deep neural network of algorithms?

The progresses we’ve seen so far are at least worth the doubt, IMO.