No more monthly top selling authors section?

Anyone knows if Envato moved the section or deleted it?


May it be a strategic move towards balance the Elements disaster that happened to our portfolios?

do you think your portfolio was effected by Elements?

Totally affected. Worst month so far for about 4 years. World Economics as I see it would not have impacted so significantly. Elements I fear has played a big part in this awful month. I know January is always slow but this has gone beyond reasonable market behaviour. I think buyers are put off by authors prices but I am more determined not to budge and price drop which we have seen by some. Remember how Elements was aggressively marketed across Audio Jungle?

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in the past 3 years January has a 20%-25& drop. I see a little more drop so far but not a crisis.

Regarding Elements, their music catalog has grown from about 8K tracks to 10K tracks since it is launched. we will have to wait and see what happens when the elements authors get their finance report.
Will the catalog grow or decline

I have no idea why, but this January is disturbingly bad.
My last several months have been pagaz :wink: but it’s looking like this January’s sales will be about 1/3 of last year’s.
Dramatic sudden stoppage.

I am a newbie here, but on a competitor site, where I’ve done well for a couple of years, I have the same situation. Sudden drop in sales this month, I’ve earnt only 1/3 what I usually do. So don’t know if it’s just the elements…

Yeah, it’s totally a strategic move… really sneaky.