What VSTs do you use for motivational music?


Hi all! I just joined up a few days ago and I’m itching to get selling, I have a track awaiting approval at the moment. I’ve been composing for a while now with FLStudio, mainly for video games (if you’d like to hear my work head to geoffmoore.co.uk). It seems the key to success here is to write what people want to buy (duh!) and I’ve noticed that motivational corporate music seems to be a good seller here, so I thought I’d try my hand at it.

Only problem is, I don’t really have the right instruments - for my usual stuff I use are real sampled Eastwest instruments, which are awesome and could be great for adding decoration but don’t really have that bright, full on sound that some of the awesome tracks in the marketplace use. Anyone care to share recommendations for VSTs / presets that could be used to make punchy tracks like these? Preferably free ones :smile:


Wavesfactory Harmonix and any guitar with a muted mode, then lots of effects and mastering work!


Welcome to AJ.
I don’t think what instruments you use to achieve sound - creating something more unique but within the style probably will bring some attention. Harmony and composition is more important … I think.


The EastWest samples are great, but I find nothing’s quite as versatile as a genuine synthesizer. NI’s Massive is my usual go-to, though FM8 and Razor also get a lot of use in my studio.

Also, pick up a guitar and learn to palm-mute.


Most of people Using Native Instruments Komplete (version 10 is awesome no doubt) as well IK multimedia sample tank… I have protools 11 and xpand is power full vst I use mini grand for piano otherwise everything depends on your music skill as well mixing knowledge :smile:



Thanks for the advice, all! Nice to find such a friendly community here. I do actually play guitar, but I don’t have good recording capabilities. I’m hoping to get Komplete in the next few months, for now I’m going to stick to what I know and create some emotional piano and string pieces. Thanks again!