Looking for music http://audiojungle.net/item/aspire/10028953

Hi i`m looking for more music like this: http://audiojungle.net/item/aspire/10028953 I need 10-40 clips in that sound and rhythm style.

Can you suggest more audio clips like this(above link) or suggest an audio clip package. Thanks, greetings, Alexander

Hi, if you take a quick peek through this collection you’ll find a number of tracks in that style (skip the first two):


Thanks, and best of luck!

Hello there,

I can suggest these:

Hope you’ll find what you need :smile:


Please check these out:

Cool i love the first and the last. Do you have packages so it gets cheaper when i purchase more songs? Greetings, Alexander

Try this:

Hello there,

I can suggest these:

  • MotionAudio - Corporation
  • MotionAudio - Inspiration
  • Best wishes, MotionAudio !

    Hi Alexander, thanks for the feedback, glad you like them. Unfortunately, I don’t have a pack with these two tracks yet. Sorry!

    Hope you do find what you’re looking for though :smile:

    Check these tracks:
    Best wishes!

    Hello there! :sunny:

    Hello, check this one:

    You may find something in here -

    Hi, please check out these 2 tracks

    Hello there,

    you can check these two:

    Here’s one: http://audiojungle.net/item/inspiring-ideas/9375506

    Hi @diefleischerei -
    Please have a listen.



    Hi @diefleischerei - See if these add to your palette. Thanks for listening and good luck on the search!
    Soft Tech

    I wish you much success with your project, mate!
    Here’s my suggestion:

    You can try my items
    http://audiojungle.net/item/corporate-hit/12863177 (you’ll can find it at “Popular File” category and it’s a boundle with 3 versions)
    Or you can check my Corporate Collection:

    Good luck!!!