Guitars in corporate tracks

Hello friends!
I recently started to learn this genre of music and would like to know what kind of guitar (sample library, presets, settings) you use in the writing of the corporate music?

Real guitars only: Clean or distorted, with a nice room or delay, depending on what the track needs.


Why not VSTI instruments?

If you play the guitar there is simply no need for VST, unless maybe for a quick draft of quick cheap production. The real thing is simply better, more expressive and intuitive.

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I’m interested in this as well. Do you record a clean signal and apply distortion and effects via plugins or do you have physical units?

Of course you’re right. But not everyone can play the guitar, much less afford the expensive equipment for its high-quality recording. I appreciate your answer, but maybe you can advise some good VST for beginners ?:grinning::musical_keyboard:

I do have physical units, but mostly simply record a clean signal, sometimes directly into the soundcard’s input, sometimes through an SPL tube channel strip, adding EQ, compression, and distortion already at this stage.

I think others might be of more help when it comes to guitar VSTs, but you might want to check out this thread, FREE palm muted guitar for corporate music! for a free muted guitar sample which should come in handy for corporate tracks.


Thanks a lot man!

I use real guitars mostly through eleven rack but there are really great vsts out there. This firebird kontakt instrument is nice if yo u know how to use delays.

Yeah! This VST is realy good!

You might like this library by Wavesfactory too, for this kind of classic cheesy corporate sound.


Sweet sound! Good thing for $20. Do you know any similar ones?Thanks!

Nope, I don’t know any similar ones, but I believe this one along with some built in effects from your DAW would definitely do.

I agree with you. Thank you!

Hey @CinematicMonster,

Usually I prefer working with VST plugins whenever I can, it saves a lot of time and can sound really good for many instruments (drums, bass, piano and many many more). The problem is that VST plugins for guitars don’t usually sound good enough. The few that do sound decent are very limited in what you can do with them…

But hey, that’s just my opinion and maybe I’m just more aware of the differences between the VST and the real thing because I’m a guitar player myself :]


Thank you @MarklarMusic! I understand you so well because I’m guitar player too! The reason why I asked about VST is obvious: I can’t record my guitar as good as i need :grinning:
What gear do you use for recordin?

I definitely recommend of recording your guitars - I didn’t hear much great sounding for electric guitars or acoustics . And if its sounds great its very limited.
So i bought the Kemper profiler . It’s a little bit expensive but it’s worth it !
here’s a link to their website:

For clean guitars, I record with my fender strat guitar and my fender deluxe amp, but I use plugins for distorted sounds.
I recently bought “Peavey ReValver 4” which sound really good to my ears: Here’s a link to a YouTube video demonstrating it

Good luck to you!

Yeah I heard about this powerhead. It sounds cool! But you are right it’s too expensive for beginner like me. May be Santa will bring it to me on Christmas :joy::gift: