What type of license is needed for using the MyHome Theme on 80 different websites

I have purchased the MyHome Theme. I want to use this theme on 80 different websites of my own me being the end user. Can I do this with the regular license if I am going to own, use and not sell the sites.

Second, If a sale situation were to arise, what would be the next steps


regular license will be fine but for 80 different website you will need 80 license. Each license will work only for one individual end product (website). with regular license you can sell products and also can sell the website to your customer but for each sell/website you will need individual unique license.

Which license do I need for an end product that is only accessible to paying users?
If the end users need to pay to see the end product, you need an Extended License. There can be more than one end user as long as there is only one end product.

Example: A website that requires money before you can access the content


If you mean what happens if you sell the site then that’s ok to transfer the license to user it BUT support and updates will only be accessible to the purchase account I.e. you

Thanks For The Information. I appreciate that.

Thanks for the information. I appreciate it.