Multiple licenses for multiple sites

I’m in Regular Licence.
How can I upgrade my current license to an Extended License to install other The7 themes on other sites?
Kind regards


Both regular and extended license are limited to per license for per end product. so for using the theme for another website you will need another one license.


does anyone know if you can by i for a multiple license so we can build 10 or more websites?

i like using the Total Theme and want to build about 20 sites and was hoping to get a deal on the license so i would have to spend 60 dollars per license… are there any other options?

for each individual website you have to purchase individual license. license key (purchase code) is unique and each license can be used only for one end product.

Hello! Unfortunately we do not offer an extended license or bulk discounts, but the theme is on sale right now (fyi today April 1, 2020 is the last day of the sale).