What to sell? PSD or HTML Templates?


I decided to become active on this site. But I’m thinking which one should I focus on.

1. Sell PSD

  • low earnings i think?
  • low number of sales compared to HTML/wordpress templates
  • easier to fix when rejected
2. Sell HTML Templates
  • when the design is rejected, I'll go back on the PSD files and start coding again.
  • do i really need to include the PSD files for good sales?

or... can I fist sell PSD files? and when approved, I can code it to sell as HTML/wordpress theme?


Just WordPress. /thread


A related question.

May I create a PSD - template first, to try to pass Themeforest Quality Assurance. Then, if it is accepted, create HTML version, and, if it also passes - create WordPress version?
I can withdraw PSD and HTML templates then, if it is required.
WordPress is a massive work, and it will be sad to waste all this work in case of reject.

Is it possible to move step by step from simplier stages to more complicated?


Is fully possible to create a theme in PSD/HTML/WORDPRESS order … Not to waste time getting rejected messages … Psd its easy to fix but harder to accept , market its balanced … you’ll have to manage your time and your skills .


Well there really isn’t much money in PSD and HTML, which can be said for WordPress as well these days but it still sells much more then those two.

One thing you should have in mind is that the PSD category has more strict design requirements. There are some HTML templates and WP themes that wouldn’t be accepted as a PSD. So if you get a PSD accepted it’s 100% chance HTML and WP will be accepted as well.

About including a PSD in HTML template or WP theme, i don’t think it affects the sales much if at all.


Thank you ideed for advice!


It’s a start to get acclimated to uploading and authoring though like the others have said, I recommend diving into WordPress, which is much more rewarding (though a lot more work).

Definitely wouldn’t recommend including a HTML template with a WordPress theme though. That’s too much work for very little gain (if any)… just my opinion.

Good luck!


Is ai a big chance to be rejected? Either from aesthetical or technical perspective?
I mean wordpress has to be complicated to match leading ones, and there is a lot of places to fail?


Well if the design is bad you’ll get rejected. If it’s good but not good enough you’ll most likely get a list of things to improve.

If the reviewers thing that the theme is gonna be too complicated for the users they’ll most likely let you know which parts. If you’re using deprecated functions they’ll let you know. So, use Theme Check to make sure your code is up to date.