What to do in this situation?

The text I removed. Thank you for understanding.)

wow, I dunno what to say, this one looks really nice, are you sure it is easy to customize and use?

I do by the standards of videohive, the entire project easy to customize for yourself. I have in the portfolio already have 2 similar work, and they are the same, and each differs only in the design and the settings are all the same. Now what do I do with this project?
Where I can complain?

Nice and well-designed work, add a dozen more titles and re-submit. The more titles of the same quality you have, the more chances to go through.

When I was trying to upload titles project, the rejected it and said that videohive oversaturated with titles projects, I think this is the reason, maybe you need to try another category

But why they don’t write that I have changed the direction? There is such point - the hidden items. How to me to get on another the reviewer?