Videohive reviewers doesnt understand a lot of things?



I had hard reject recently for few templates. It wasnt something uber complicated, rather simple things.
All templates were rejeceted, becouse of lack minimal videohive quality level. There is a lot of s****y templates on videohive and I dont understand why those reviewers doesnt rate design, simplicity, market positioning and marketing value of published things. Stuff is going better here, better designers want to publish stuff, but if reviewers will be a robots without marketing and desing knowledge - good peeps will go away from here.



I understand your frustration, but with your attitude you’re not going to get far. First of all you are insulting other authors work and then reviewers design knowledge. If you would to post a link to youtube or vimeo of your rejected projects, maybe other authors can see if reviewers were right with their decision (which is in most cases right, believe me).


just compare with top popular items :smiley: you will know where you are


I kinda understand your point. It very frustrating to work on something for a long time and have it rejected for some reasons. I think sometimes the reviewers are being way to picky and reject for stupid reasons but I think sometimes it means that you can do better. They chose the best of the best and if they reject it it means that it’s not good enough to be part of the best. Don’t take it as an insult but take it as a way to improve your work. Try to understand why they rejected it and go from there. This is a good way to get better and better at what you do! :slight_smile: Good luck!

PS: I would love to see your work that was rejected so I could give you some feedback maybe? It’s up to you!


Guys i know where I am, its not a problem and Im not saying that my template was good, but there is a lot of shit that is accepted:). Im just giving a question to make videohive better place :slight_smile: - not crying and still learning to get better.

have a nice day.

PS. One of the rejeceted piece:


Well then, what are you complaining about?


Im not complaining, just trying to understand review process based on what I see at videohive and minimal quality that is required. Its good to talk, chill.