What products would you recommend me to buy?

Hi there! I have a vision in mind about what I want, but there is hundreds upon hundreds of options in envato and I do not know what to look for anymore. If I can explain a bit what I am searching for, would you be so kind to tell me how would you approach this? What options fit best to what I need as far as you know?
First of all, I will be hosting this site/s in Bluehost shared server. (in case is necessary to know)
My end goal is something like this:

I want to make a site in which users, can register (this would be a light paid service) they can modify their profile (which I would be able to add which fields need to be filled up), in which everyone would have a simple week todo list/planner.

Users will also have access to a page with their stats and progress.

Then, via admin panel or a script ill work in the future, I will pair users and those users will be able to see each other’s lists/planners and they will be able to chat/video-call/communicate.

Also, those connected users will have to rate each other, thus creating a point system.

Users would be able to view videos/courses that would modify their points.

And from here on would be details and ranking pages and yada yada…

For now, all I want is a tool that can deal with the user management part and of course, the more of the above the better, but most important, is that is well documented, so I can do as much as possible and is widely known in case I need to hire someone to help me.

So far I’ve found things like Gull , Josh , Chandra , Larakit , Nago , NobleUI; all of them are similar to me except the appearance, although, some are listed as “site templates” in ThemeForest and others as “Laravel admin template” in code canyon, which has me very confused. I wonder if there is a big difference between them.

I really liked Gull for example, can I buy it, develop it on my computer and then upload the files to Bluehost to host the result there? Do I need first an installation of Laravel in Bluehost (which I have, just the hello world)?

If you can point me a bit towards the information that I need in order to decide for one of them or explain to me the key differences so I can choose I would be grateful.

Then for the LMS:

I have 2 options EClass and Academy; class seems to be more complete than Academy although I cannot access how the inside of the course looks to the user. My biggest concern is whether both have the same payment gateways already installed. Can I use both right off the bat and people would be able to purchase a course on either platform?

Is there any big difference I should be aware of?

In honesty this sounds like you need to get a decent developer to custom build what you re after- hacking together a solution form different, modified stock items is going to create more trouble than it’s worth.

All the admin like Gull - what website are you attaching them to? Are you planning on connecting the Admins to the LMS scripts?!?!

Do you have the technical skills to connect the admin to the relevant parts of a functioning site?

FYI 1: shared budget hosting is NOT a good idea for handling peoples’ personal info and payments

FYI 2: if users need to pay to use the site then you need an extended license.

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I have no website to attach it to, I already have one (mindwork-s.com) I thought Gull would ready have a way for users to log in and depending of the permissions, they will see one layout or another (which I design with all the modules and stuff it has around) I am starting this from scratch.
about the LMS, it can be all by itself I will have it as a subdomain like learn.mindwork-s.com and the Gull admin will also be another site by itself.
I would absolutely love to hire a developer, but i have about 150-250 bucks to make a proof of concept so I can start gathering investors- donations and user payments as a means to develop a full online platform. I am thinking about making the very first step here something at the very first that let me handle users and so on, and then I add the to do lists, the graphs and so on with time.

make a proof of concept so I can start gathering investors- donations and user payments as a means to develop a full online platform.
If the idea works and is useful to people as I believe of course :slight_smile:

for the time being this all I can afford, I will get some better solution, blue host is proving to be quite slow host to me at least, and I will get a vps as soon as the business starts getting any income.

So you need to code the admin template to work with your website - it’s not a set of elements that you use to build the front end.

I appreciate you are in a tough position but not scoping and addressing basics properly will actually reside your chance of success.

Unfortunately you would be looking at several hundred $ if not more just to connect the admin let alone a custom build of the right solution

what about Josh? there states that has front end. can that be installed as its own website?
If not, could you be so kind of tell me what do you recommend me what should I learn the basics of, before I start getting into this?

That example has coded the front end elements to work with the admin (it’s not lego blocks to throw together in any layout) and unfortunately does not look great

Ultimately it’s up to you but you need to decide if you want to use Bootstrap, Laravel, etc. and then Google tutorials but if you are a complete beginner then with respect this is going to be hard.

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thank you