[Question] - What purchase fits our needs best?

Dear Envato community,

I would like to request your support on making the right purchase for our future website.

The aim is to revive a current website that’s currently HTML based.
It’s a website of our clan that was made years ago by someone and in need of some serious re-design.

We are not looking for any functions in regards of user registration or forum intergration.
I am decent in coding but am looking to make it as user friendly as possible for several co-members.

Some functions we are looking for:

  • User friendly option(s) to add / modify additional pages within the browse menu.
  • User friendly option(s) to add news posts that would partially display on the homepage.
  • User friendly option(s) to modify several picures on the homepage with a slideshow effect.

A CMS template seems a bit overkill and wordpress would require the use of a PHP database, but currently seems like the best fit. What are your opinions?

Thank you in advance for your feedback!