Multi vendor Booking website

Hello guys, i am so confused. Been searching for a booking theme/ plugin and there are so many offering various things, however I am not 100% keen on any of them.

It needs to be multi vendor support and the most user friendly and each vendor should have capability to create its own duration of appointments and each vendor will be different like hair dressers to fitness instructors. Vendors will have capability to be paid online by customer if required. Admin Will be charging vendors a monthly subscription only.

What are your suggestions.


I’m not sure about that also i think you can’t find out any of theme that are 100% match with your requirement.In that reason if you want you can hire someone from Envato Studio who can custom build your theme and fill up your requirement.


100% will require custom building and a very decent budget (there are numerous hosting, security and management costs involved in a site like that).

Thanks but not everyone has a decent budget.

What would be a decent plugin/theme from the library available in your experience? So far the booked plugin looks decent.

Just to help add clarity -

  • You will need membership functionality to charge people and help them create/manage their own profiles.

  • This then needs to be made to integrate with the booking functionality (there are lots of booking plugins but bookly has the most extensions and will probably get you closest)

  • Each individual profile needs to be able to then customise the booking choices, features, functionality effectively as an individual version.

  • The site is just part of your considerations. If you are handling payments, subscriptions, and presumably customer info for those who make bookings or request appointments, then depending on where you are based and how big the site will be, you need to have the right hosting and security etc. in place that could very easily be hundreds of $ if not more per month.

I appreciate not everyone has huge budgets but unfortunately sometimes things simple cost what they do.

There might be stock software for that type of directory which you could subscribe to on a monthly/annual basis and may have a lot of this functionality built in

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It is the best when you have budget more that 100$ build site. You want custom site build with out of box solutions probably on some hosting for 3$ per month.