Booking system for Yoga Studio

Hi everyone!

I’m looking for an online booking system for my yoga studio. My needs are as follows:

  1. Allows for online booking of various classes.
  2. If possible, allows for package deals (say if you book 10 classes at once, you get a discounted price).
  3. If no. 2 isn’t possible, then can be integrated into a membership/subscription based system (for instance woocommerce memberhsips or memberpress) so that paying members receive a discount on class prices.
  4. Allows for recurring appointments
  5. Easy integration with a membership/subscription system (ideally) as in the medium-term, I’d like to offer specific content to my online subscribers.
  6. Displays the classes in a list-view instead of calendar view (and if possible, a good looking list view!)

I’ve checked quite a few systems. But there seems to be something on another missing. For instance, event espresso seemed almost perfect (actually, it did seem perfect!), except they don’t have recurring events add-on for EE4 and adding 4 classes a day, each with separate ticketing option, for several months is really time consuming.

Would you guys have any suggestions?



I have make such site but it is little customized because client is ask some other things. I can send you link if you want?

You can view and use this theme.

Hi! Yes, I would love that! (PS: also the plugins used, if you can).