Theme suggestion for massage education

I need a theme for Massage Education, please recommend a theme, where the student can book the different massage therapies, courses?
Which themes can you recommend?
Best wishes Frank

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You didn’t write any details? That course will be online , video , in PDF? Do you need to get some certificate at the end of course or…?
Do you need some test for that course. For booking you have tons of plugins.

Sorry, the course are not online! The course are at my praxis direct fac to face! they shoul only see which course are availabel and than they can only book online. and perhaps see how many is free!
Are this enough information? Because i look i think 2 hours at envato but it is for business and no wellness or massage or it is wellness but no education …
many thanks for help

may be you can recommend some booking plugins ?
thanks Frank

You can try the eventastic theme that allows you to create classes and sell tickets through woocommerce:


Booking plugin for woocommerce (you can use left sidebar filter to check more items):

Woocommerce compatible education themes (you can use left sidebar filter to check more items):


This is one is of my favorites:
Specific theme, does not need to be changed too much, booking feature, shop feature… header builder, all you need as described above, I guess :slight_smile:

As per theme documentation, booking plugins are included, woo commerce integrated.

Themes of this author are sooo easy to use and really ready made for a specific topic, no need for a lot of extra work, I love these themes sooo much :slight_smile:

P.S. 2.
I do not know if you would like to accept online payments.
So regarding online payments:

  1. option:
    With included Booked plugin and Booked Payments with Woocommerce plugin
    it looks like this on theme demo

  2. option:
    Bookly LITE is included in the theme (free)
    Local payment (at your facility) is available with free version of the plugin as I know,
    but online payments are available only using PRO version
    it looks like this on theme demo

But of course it is you who has to go through all the theme options and see if it fits your needs.

Thanks for sharing the important information.