Wordpress theme Private tutoring offline course booking

Looking for theme for a private teaching business. If your theme can do the following please reply with a link so that I may see it. Thank you for your time.

  1. Displays the different trainings/tutoring we provide (Math, English, Personal training)
  2. Allows public to request a private class for a group but must pay minimum deposit before booking can go through (we would prefer using standard paypal or woocommerce)
  3. Once class has been booked, all those in the class can pay for their “seat” by visiting page that displays calendar with all classes that have been booked. We will used WP standard Pass protection to prevent unwanted users from registering for a class.
  4. Display all events in calendar or list format. Hide all past events

So far this theme is the closest that comes to what we are looking for but they have some things missing :frowning: https://educationwp.thimpress.com/

I’m pretty sure that you won’t find out-of-box solution but as long as you can find something close, after that, you could continue with some custom work. In case of interest, you can contact me

Ok thank you Ki Theme for your info and taking the time to answer my question :slight_smile: