I am looking for a Wordpress theme for private lessons

Hi to all,

I am looking for a Wordpress theme similar to this babysitters page, but for a different type of tutoring service where teachers and students can register…

Teachers could register themselves with the possibility of creating a profile with their data and a calendar to book their schedules. Also the student records. Both with levels of access restriction and the option of communication. Also Ability to make credit card transactions basically. In addition to other features such as search, map, etc…
What I have found are directories of teaching or other professions, but not with a teacher - student, professional - client interaction.

If anyone knows a theme like what I’m looking for, I’d appreciate it.



You will not find out of box solution with all possibilities what you have write.
You will need something custom made. There is plenty multivendor plugins and you can start with that. But you need to choose template who is support such plugin.
If you want I can give you a quotation to build such site?


Thank you for answering, Zaccc

I already assumed that it is difficult to have all the features, but the basic idea is to find a theme that works as an intermediary agency between teachers and students that can register with restricted access and other features if possible, if not I can do so through compatible plugins.

The project is to create this website for a client I don’t know yet, he contacted me because he wants a website like this, but I still don’t know the budget and and all the requirements. I would be the webmaster to install the website, SEO maintenance, etc. I’m meeting next week and that’s when I’ll have a more concrete idea of the project, but I’d like to go with some options so we can analyze them.

If you want to send me privately a detailed quote with the basic options I have said and the time of completion, so the final customer can have a real idea of the cost of custom development., it would be great.