Theme for Coaches with Booking & Payment System

Hello all,

as a trainer & coach I am looking for a complete solution in wordpress.
Can you recommend me a theme that is translated into German and legally compliant for Europe?

Furthermore, it should contain the following features:

  1. visual page builder
  2. booking system for courses and coaching in various Currencies, such as Euro, Swiss Francs and Britisch Pound, US Dollar
  3. including payment function (not Woocommerce, but PayPal and credit cards)
  4. autoresponder for invoices and reminder mails including calendar entry for MS Outlook, etc.

I am looking forward to your ideas and tips and send you greetings from Switzerland.


I don’t think you’d be able to find “out-of-box” solution but can be done with several plugins/integration and a little bit custom work.

We have this theme : Tutorly | Booking Marketplace WordPress Theme by VibeThemes | ThemeForest

  1. PAge builders supported : Elementor / Gutenberg + Shortcodes
  2. Complete booking system with multi-currency support
  3. WooCommerce is supported, makes things much easier. As you can even integrate subscription plans.
  4. Reminder mails, WooCommerce has auto invoice generation etc.

Moreover we also have recurring slots ( 1 database entry for unlimited slots ) which makes the booking process easy. Automatic meeting creation with Zoom and Bigbluebutton , reminder emails , internal messaging, activity tracking. Services for Tutor categorisation, Classes for students and more.

Also, this is built on ReactJS ( no jquery at all ) and a PWA with seemless ( no code ) Mobile /Tablet/Desktop App conversion.