Found a theme for a simple marketing learning website


I new on this forum, i really would like have a help for buy a wordpress theme where i will be able to sell marketing document, marketing learning and a good theme with all cart conversion.

I am looking for a Wordpress theme allowing me to sell online training and have VLOG access where I will put articles accompanied by video to present a subject.

You need a newsletter area.

This theme must be purely marketing oriented and encourage users to give their e-mail address and automatically receive, for example, a pdf guide.

I sell very little online training, it is a purely marketing site like a professional coach site.

This platform must accept any type of payment (Paypal, CB, …) and also that there is a purchase receipt which is automatically sent to the customer’s address (e-mail).

When a user purchases a training he will receive the training either directly by e-mail or else will be able to download the pdf or video course directly from his browser.

The customer will have the possibility to register or not on the platform to buy courses and must respect the law of confidentiality, that is to say the GDPR rules.
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You may be able to achieve this with WooCommerce themes