Website to sell courses



Hey Guys!

I am looking to set up a website to sell online courses . Do I just need to buy a theme and get started with my domain and hosting ? Any suggestions are helpful.



If you don’t have experience in WP theme, I recommend you hire someone to build your own website as your demand. It’s can be much more convenient. But if you know how to work with WP theme and plugin and hosting, ect, yes, you just need to buy a theme =))). I have developed some PSD templates for selling online courses but I have not developed complete themes yet so I can’t help you. I just want to give you some advice =)))


Is better to hire someone to make entire website, if not,
You can choose WordPress theme for course. Install WordPress, theme, plugins… You need hosting and domain.
Is not hard if you have experience.




You can take a look at the SmartOWL theme. It does exactly what you are searching.


Hi @SGcreations if you are just trying to setup a simple website to sell online courses then yes, just simple as buying a hosting, a domain, an education theme and you can start creating online education websites.
Please check the #1 Education WordPress Theme - Eduma here: it let you create online courses with many different features and different demos so you can build any online education website that you want.


Hey, if you are looking for a custom/paid task, let’s get in touch. You can send us a message here.