Something similar to

Hi, I am searching for a theme or a plugin to build something similar to, where there are categories and users can login and publish content. I would like users are able of editing their content and share it of course.

Any help or direction it will be really appreciate, I have spent a lot of time with no results, so I am trying this forums. Thank you

Hi @zezinozen

Perhaps to create instructions and courses and lessons like this, you can check the themes Eduma or Course Builder below:

They both allow your users to sign up, create and publish new courses / take courses, etc. Courses can be divided into categories just as you mentioned and they also have dozen other features.


Thank you @ThimPress for taking the time to read and answer. Congrats for your numbers they are great, I had a look to your products and they are really packed with features, as you said courses could be tutorials, it is just a word, what it is important to me is that users can log in and post and edit their content, and when a course/tutorial is submmited it goes to pending list for the admin to approve it.
I like the idea of using some of these themes, I wonder if new users could be “instructors” and be able of posting new courses/tutorials for the admin to approve, at first step I dont want to sell but knowing there is a chance for that in the future it helps, how are the forms for users to post the courses/tutorials?. I had a look to the docs of your themes but could not find about this. Again, thank you!.

By default, for security reasons, people will need to be approved to be instructors and their courses needed to be approve to be published. However, there are options to make that every new user a new instructor without having to sign up for the Instructor form and there are also options to make instructor publish new courses without having to wait for admin’s approval :slight_smile:

In Eduma theme, i cannot sign up. what can I do?

Please contact the theme author to get support: