Suggestions for Online Learning Management System


I want to make a Online Learning Portal in WordPress with following points:

  1. Paid Courses with learning video lessons
  2. Free Courses
  3. Preview Videos in Paid Courses
  4. E-books, E- Presentations
  5. Also Allow to become an Instructor(Teacher).
  6. Purchase through PayPal & Stripe.
  7. Allow instructor(Teacher) to create course and connect with student.
  8. Commission paid to instructor(Teacher) through site.

Can you please provide us some reference.

Thank You.

You won’t find that out of the box.

There are various learning, e course etc. Themes on themeforest and plugins on codecanyon which will likely be a good start, but you will almost certainly need quite a bit of expertise or a fair amount of freelancer time to get what you described above

Hi @accretellp I believe our themes using LearnPress WordPress LMS plugin can do all the things as you mentioned. Please check:

or Course Builder

Hi Guys

Thanks for your suggestions…I am looking to build a website like udemy. Can you please suggest which plugins are best to implement same application.

The ones shared above by @ThimPress would be good examples of ones to help you get started but you need to keep in mind the complexity of this type of site and potential extra custom work required, let alone things like hosting requirements etc. to manage it

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I worked with a theme called “WPLS” or something like that. It had a lot of features, including paid courses, integration with lots of plugins. But god the code quality was awful. It was almost “uncustomizable” from code. Copy-pasted code everywhere. Want to change an Icon and there is no option for that, good luck finding the correct template :slight_smile:
But for non-developers it’s ok.