Which Theme To Select/pick?

I’m starting my own business and am looking out for a theme that will support

  1. user management i.e. User Management -Login - forgot password-Register User
  2. Purchasing courses - a student will complete the course - I would present the course and then a student would take a quiz.
  3. On successful completion of the course and quiz a certificate will be presented
  4. The site should have the ability to buy courses via paypal/credit card.
    5 The Site will track how much time did the student take for each course/quiz.
    Do you have any recommendation of a theme that supports such requirements?

Hi there,

welcome on your first post :slight_smile:

This theme has all the features you are looking for:


You can check both of one are good Education WordPress Theme

  1. Edumy - LMS Online Education Course WordPress Theme
  2. Education WordPress Theme | Eduma


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You will need plugin Lernadash and any template who is support that plugin. wit that plugin you can make what you have write. I have make few similar sites like yours.

thanks Zaccc , can you point out which sites so that i can get a look and take a decision?
Also once I buy the theme is its pretty simple or do i need a developer to do the work?

Thanks Kriszta…how do these themes work, is this a one time buy for $69? or do i have to pay monthly or yearly to renew it?.
On the other had does it requires any developer to work on it?

You can see all on this links https://www.learndash.com
I dont know what is your knowledge about Wordpress and plugins. But if you dont have experience it is the best that you hire someone who will make professional and good looking site.

If you are familiar with WordPress and if you have basic experience running a WordPress website with no difficulties then you should be able to maintain a website like this.

If you have no experience at all working with WordPress:
I do not recommend to build the website on your own because you need a plenty of time and learning and it is quite likely that you will need somebody to help you out - pretty sure this would cost you more time and money than to hire somebody from the very beginning.

Basically WordPress and plugins and themes are built the way that you could build a website without coding knowledge on your very own.
But these learning management systems can do soooo much for you that I am pretty sure you will be lost without having any WordPress experience.

If you already have some WordPress experience and if you are able to install WordPress and themes and plugins and e.g. running a basic WordPress blog:
First, take a look at the documentation of theme you would like to have (you can find online documentations) - and this way you can decide if you understand the documentation or not.
If you do not understand what the documentation is about - hire somebody to do the job for you. It will save you time and money.

Purchasing a theme here on ThemeForest is a one time fee.
You gain six month of support (help) from the author - but always check and/or ask the author before purchasing.
You gain lifetime access to upates (as long as the theme is available on ThemeForest).

Do you know where to start? :slight_smile: