Is it out there? That perfect theme for a multivendor bookings platform?

Dearest experts,

My name is Suzanne, I have such a great desire to create a platform on which sport students can find and book their sport class directly at multiple different sport teachers. Required search variables would be location, type of class, date, time (preferable other customisable search variables in the future).

This would require some kind of marketplace website, with multivendor booking/appointment options.

I’ve been searching for days now, so far I’ve only found a few themes that could be a bit helpful. I’ve found Medican, Service Finder, Experience and Craftory. None of them have all the features I’d like for my MVP. Am I looking at the wrong categories?

I thought, instead of doing another advanced search, let’s ask the experts :slight_smile: do you know anything, did you come across something like this?

Thanks so much in advance! Hope I’ve placed this thread in the right place, otherwise, do let me know.


Hi, you could check our theme:

It’s compatible with community submit add-on which can be used for vendors

Hi Leafcolor,

Thanks, it looks really cool. Some additional questions regarding this theme:

  • can vendors/teachers register themselves/add themselves on the website?
  • do vendors/teachers have their own backoffice where they can manage their bookings?

Couldn’t find these things in the demo… but I’m hoping they’re in there :wink: thanks for your reply!



Hi, you could let them signup to be a member to submit/manage their bookings with Tribe Community Add-on. Our theme is compatible with it

That sounds like a good option.

Final question: would it also be possible for vendors/teachers to have their own ‘blog’ on their personal vendor-page? I see that they can add some basic information about themselves and their courses, but would it be possible to integrate some kind of blogging option for them?

Thanks for your answers!

Hi, this is WordPress, each user can be an author to publish their own blog post and have an author page by default. Best regards

Dear leafcolor,

Thanks, yes, I understand that a user can be an author in wordpress, but I was thinking of a non-wordpress-‘my account’-kinda thing, since WP can be a bit challenging to work with for people that are not tech savvy. So I was looking for a separate, stand-alone back-office thing I suppose (sorry for the misunderstanding, I’m trying my best to find my way through all the tech & tooling :slight_smile: )

I’ll make up my mind in the next few days, thanks again!



Hi, there are many plugins for user working in frond end, ex:

You could find one which match your need

Perfect!! Thanks!