Looking for an Education theme, with online classroom video chat


I am extremely new to creating a wordpress site and appreciate any suggestions.

Essentially, I am trying to create an educational site, which allows me the option to conduct online video chat (lessons), with one or more students at a time.

Additionally, I would like a function whereby the students can book the online lesson and pay for it, using a plug in like Booked - Appointments for wordpress (Boxystudio)

many thanks

You won’t find this out of the box - I’d suggest looking for a theme which ticks most of your needs and then find a plugin that could be used to achieve this aspect or hire a freelancer to help write it in as a customization

Hello @yuheihill ,

It is not same do you want one or more clients in same time. There is solutions for all , but some plugins you will need to pay monthly. They are not expensive.
But you need to invest money if you want to earn money.
If you want I can give you my offer to build your site?