Looking for Multi User Booking Calendar..PLEASE HELP!



I’m starting a VEHICLE RENTAL website and looking for a Plug-In or Theme that will allow Vendors/Multi Users to add their vehicles to be booked along with their “HOURLY” availability. The Vendor would have control of their availability calendar. PLEASE HELP


You could try some form of multi vendor plugin but if ultimately you want these to all align and be searched/checked against one another then you are unlikely to find this out of the box ans will need some serious custom work to get it exactly like how you need. You can probably find someone at www.studio.envato.com

If using any theme or plugin from envato for this site then you will need an extended license (assuming that you will charge for vendors to sell via your site).



I have made several multi vendor sites here is my last multivendor site. www.farlang.com

You can contact me and we can discuss about your project.





That is actually - not so easy app.
A calendar based availability from the author together with online payments as per marketplace.
It does look good, but the final result depends on what users can do and how been directed.
Do you have a full plan of the functionality you need and the process, before you can go and hire someone?

That would saved you tons of money.
I have created something similar before, for make up artists / hair dressers.
The process is there and easy to be though, but as much details you organize fot he project, the best it will be! :slight_smile:


Hi chitownpb

Help is ‘just around the corner’ I am in the process of completing such a script - front as a jQuery plugin with a standard html back end. I would call your vehicles ‘assets’ (simply because the plugin could be used in many ways from salon chairs/appointments through to Doctors appts and yes vehicles. Different rates etc available. If your interested please ‘shout’ at me as I’m not 100% finished, but would gladly welcome your thoughts/input


I’m definitely interested, having vendors/member be able to control their availability on their own dashboard would be awesome! Date search function would be great too :wink: