Looking for the best Wordpress Theme for Wedding Vendor listing

Hi guys, I need some help finding the best Wordpress theme for a wedding vendor portal/listing. It has to be similar to WeddingWire or TripAdvisor where you can see reviews and photos, search for service or venue, and users and vendors can sign up.

It has to do the following:

  • Allows vendors to sign up for an account, fill in business information, choose a listing package, and I charge them a monthly fee after they are approved
  • Allow users to sign up, users contact vendors through their account, negotiate the package with the vendor, and their user panel will have tools like a wedding organizer, alerts, agreements with vendors, inbox, etc.
  • Have a search engine similar to TripAdvisor where you can search by venue location, hotel resort name, service category, or business name
  • Have reviews and photos on all venues and services similar to TripAdvisor

Thank you

While there are several listing type themes available which would feature some of these requirements.

You will still need to take on quite a bit of work to style it how you want and there will be certain features esp. “tools like a wedding organizer, alerts, agreements with vendors, inbox, etc.” which are going to require some quite sizeable customisation.

This then raises the considerations around 1) future updates and how these are handled around custom development and 2) if you are passing personal info and/or confidential agreements between people then you need to think carefully about the hosting and security that you use.

Assuming you have budgets to cover the extra work then you should be able to find a freelancer to help at www.studio.envato.com

Thanks for your response. Yeah, i’ve been looking at directory-listing type themes. I’ve only came across some decent ones on ThemeForest that can handle the resort listings part.

ie. Book Your Travel (https://themeforest.net/item/book-your-travel-online-booking-wordpress-theme/5632266?s_rank=6)
Kallyas Theme (https://demo.kallyas.net/greekhotel/)

But, i’m just wondering how would I handle the other vendors? I also don’t have programming knowledge, so if this is something a theme cannot handle then i guess i’d have to go down the custom development path.

Unfortunately there won’t be a theme with those specific requirements out of the box so any solution is going to mean at least some custom work.

Given how many moving parts you will have then for when it comes to updates and management it would be much easier if it were a custom solution rather than a mix of stock and add-ons