Advice for product booking themes and plugins

Hi there,

I hoping one of you can help me. I am looking for advice on what theme and plugins would work the best for the website I am trying to build.

Ideally, this is how the business will work;

Third parties will register to receive codes which the website should generate. They will then give the codes to the customers. The customers will visit the website and purchase a product by inputting the code. The website should then send an alert to the product vendor that a product was purchased. The vendor should be able to update progress on the manufacturing of the product. When the product is near completion the courier company should be notified to collect the product.

The website should be able to allow for multiple vendors in different locations.

Is there a theme for what I am trying to do?


Hello :smiley:

That may be a bit too specialized for any one theme. But I’m sure one of the website developers from Envato Studio could get something like that up and running.