What do I need?

Hey everyone, so let me just start by saying I give you all out there a lot of respect for doing this type of work, it’s definitely an art form that I wish I could be affluent in. I’ve been wanting to make a site for a while now and while I’m still conceptualizing the total package, I would love to have any guidance on what certain packages/templates I should be going for. I’m basically looking for my site to be able to have user profiles with multiple videos on the same page, a polling system on the homepage, maybe a gallery, forum, and something like a registry, or proof of registry in a sense, on a different page; also the ability to have multiple widgets on the page like a twitter feed or blog feed type of design. I’m not 100% sure exactly what this will look like but basically would love some input on certain packages that can hold a lot of data and still feel smooth enough for someone to enjoy interacting with. Thank you for your time.

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