Looking for Envato trusted programmers for custiomization. Is this right forum?

I am interested in Phpsocial, Colibir, Sngine, Wowonder, SocialKit, iSocial, Social Stream, SocialNetwork or similar.

However none of them enable me to do the very simple system I want where the level of membership (free, 99p a year, £2 a year etc), depends on what limits, features and abilities a user has.

Most of my users will not want to pay lots per month to promote their pages - but they might be happy to pay a fraction of a penny per day to be able to have more emoticons, bigger storage limit, “group create” privileges and so on. A small number might be prepared to pay perhaps two of three pence per day to be able to have a download link on their page where they can charge people a small amount to download their latest “track” or vlog etc.

I have prepared a four page summary of the features needed - along with a few outline routines to illustrate my thinking (I am no good with creating forms but the logic part of the code is simple), hence wanting to pay someone else to do it).

In a way, it surprises me that not one of the packages I have looked at, offer what seems to me to be such a very simple way of monetizing a website.

If anyone would be interested in quoting the work for one of the social scripts above then I would be very happy to provide my “wish list” in PDF format (or WordPerfect). for a quote. Obviously they package would need to be able to take payments (paypal etc) but most of them seem to have that ability already.

Many thanks - and if this is the wrong forum, I apologise, please can someone tell me which forum to post in instead (or move it if they can).

Kind Regards


try www.studio.envato.com these are vetted experts and you have protection from envato

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Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi Troy, I had to removed the contact details according to our guidelines.
You are welcome to post links to your Market item or Studio profile, as explained above:

A Note on Self-Promotion
Note that these forums are not a job board, and we would like to help customers within our Envato offerings. You are welcome to post links to your Market item or Studio profile. Posts requesting contacting outside of Envato (email, Skype etc.) will be removed.

Thank you!

Not sure how to contact you Troy, I clicked your name to reply to you - but it seemed to just reply in here again.

If you can work out which hoops we have to jump through so one of us can message the other that would be great.

Do you have a link in the Market Item (?) or “Studio Profile”?

Are you allowed to give me a link to your profile or is that banned too?

Hi @GuyMarkT

If you navigate to a user profile here, in the forums, you’ll see a blue button named “Message” in the right side of the page. Clicking it will open a private message thread between you and that user.

Regarding the contact details I had to remove, we usually do that for the customers protection.

But if the user wants, he can definitely post a link to his Market/Studio profile, those are safe. I always recommend using Envato Studio services for jobs like these, this way you’ll be protected as a client, in a safe platform.



You have just shared it at the right place. Please drop me an email so we could proceed next with your customization

Looking forward to hearing from you