What kind of license should I get for my purchased audio tracks?

I have an app where we offer meditations for free. We sometimes use music as a background to these meditations and also use the tracks as standalone files. We also upload these mediations on our YT channel. We use the same sound track in multiple meditations. Users can access these meditations online via the app or YT channel. We also provide LIVE meditation sessions where we use these music tracks as background music. These LIVE sessions are also broadcasted on our YT channel. Which license should we go with that help with:

  • Using it on our app and YT channel
  • LIVE stream purchased music on YouTube
  • Use them unlimited times

Don’t know what you mean by that, but the music files cannot be made available as is to your end-users. The music always has to be part of something bigger in scope.

The Music Standard license is fine for YouTube. For the app it would depend on the number of downloads. Over 10,000 would require the Mass Reproduction license.

The license is valid for one end-product only. There is no unlimited use option.