Commercial License Advice.

Hey guys, I wonder if you can help.

We’re launching a paid product in the sleep space.

As part of your purchase you’ll get access to an app with music/tracks on.

Let’s say for example 5 relaxation tracks.

I’ve found some great ones on audiojungle however I’m unsure after reading the licensing document if I can use them on my paid app?

What license do I need? Can I filter via License type?

I need to make sure I can use the songs and resell my product as many times as I wish.

Thank you.

Hi, as far as I understand reading the licenses, the standard license allows downloads (of an app) up to 10.000
If you need unlimited downloads you’d have to get a music mass reproduction license or higher for each track

Hope it helps, good luck with the product!

Hello there,

The tracks cannot be delivered as is in your app. That would be akin to redistribution which is a big no-no in the terms. They have to be part of something bigger in scope.

If you add guided meditation voice-overs that would be fine. If the tracks are left as is that becomes slippery ground. In any case, that tracks cannot be made extractable as audio files.

If your use is indeed within the terms, then you’ll need the Music Standard license, or the Mass reproduction, if you expect more than 10 000 downloads.

All tracks follow the same licensing models, so there is no need to filter by license type.

Thank you.

To give a clear picture, the app is accessed by people who purchase a physical product that goes with the app.

Does this suffice?

I don’t think it’s permissible to redistribute the tracks as they are for download