Audiojungle licenses for app

Hi! I have a doubt: I’m trying to choose the right music license for an app. The app is not free then I can’t use the standard license, right? Do you think the extended license could be fine? Or the Music Mass Reproduction one is better?



Standard license allows you 10,000 copies of final product. So If you gonna sell more than that, you have to get extended license. Maybe mass is fine. I guest. :smiley: . Hope you get your choice.

Hi Guiliana,

There is no more Extended License among the music licenses. The paid or free end product distinction is no longer relevant. So as @LongXmusic said, you can choose either the Standard License if your app is going to be downloaded less than 10 000 times, or the Mass Reproduction License if you expect more than 10 000 downloads.

Hope it helps.