Music Standart What am i allowed to use

Hello, i am a new member here. I’m stuck with something about licences. I’m thinking to buy a few music for my game that will sell in an app store. i know about SFX( single or multi license) but in standard music licence am i also allowed to use in a single end product? and if product(game) sold more than 10.000 do i need to pay extra for license or any fee.
i’ve read faq but english is not my native language so any information would be great. Thank you

Hey @muskot94! Welcome to the forums!

The correct license for video games that will be available on online stores is the Music Mass Reproduction License. You can read further on this subject in the links below:

Hope it helps and best of luck with your project!

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Thank you for reply. so i have to purchase Music Mass Reproduction License? because standart license giving 10.000 copies right. this license fee is almost X 20 than standard license. You know i can’t know how many copies will be download. So paying X 20 for unknown thing is illogical. I wish there was an upgrade license system after sales results :frowning:

Hi again! I understand. Actually I’m pretty sure you CAN upgrade your license and it’s a quite simple process. If your game passes the 10,000 downloads threshold you can buy the MMR license and ask a refund for the STD licenses previously purchased. At this point, though, I would suggest you contact support to clarify any possible doubt:

Best of luck!


Thank you for reply again. Yea i did already contacted them but it’s good to hear there is an Upgrade and Downgrade system.