Music standard license clarification

Hello everyone, I need some clarification.
Can I use music standard license for FREE mobile game using ads to earn money?
If so I guess I would have to pay other 15 dollars if number of downloads of this game surpass 10 000 downloads, right?
And last question - in case I purchase some music under standard license. Can I use it in trailer video of the game as well?
Thank you for your answers. Have a nice day everyone!


Yes, you have to buy a new Music Standard License of the track once the number of downloads exceeds 10k (and another one at 20k and so on). Or just buy the Music Mass Reproduction License for unlimited downloads. How popular do you plan the game to be? :smiley:
About the trailer, I’m not sure. I’d say it’s OK, some might say the trailer video is a different media entity from the game itself, so I cannot answer that one.
Have you tried contacting Envato support?


Well I have no idea how popular my game will be, so I’lI probably purchase standard license first:)
Thank you very much SixideBeats!