Licensing music for a mobile game and marketing


We are planning to license music for our mobile game that would be released on iOS & Android, potentially in Facebook too.

We would like to use this music in all of the platforms and potentially also in marketing. Our aimed audience size is very large, so if there’s a possibility for an unlimited audience size, that would be good.

Which license should we get?

Do we need a separate license for the different platforms? Can we use the same license for marketing our game?


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Here article about audio jungle license

Music Licenses

License FAQ

hope it will helpful for you.


Hi there,

In your case, the Mass Reproduction license is most likely the one you need. It allows for unlimited downloads of your game.

You’ll want to get a separate standard license as well for the marketing part. Indeed, licenses are for a single end product. So one license for the game itself, and one license for the marketing video.

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@akilatvamaki if you would like music specifically composed for your game with variations or even music that is responsive to gameplay, feel free to get in contact.
Good luck


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Thanks for the answers everyone!