Can audio jungle music be used in the game?

Hi, Guys
Can I use audio jungle’s music for facebook games or mobile games?

1.This game (including mobile app) is free to play and in-app purchase is available.
2. About 1 million users are playing this game and numbers of mobile app download are approximately 25 million.
3.We use music as background music.
4.We only edit the length of songs and do not arrange songs or create derivative works.
5.Users can not approach to music files or download files.

1.In this case, do I need to buy 2 licenses for web and mobile platform?
2.Also, if I’m porting the game to another platform, will I need to purchase an additional license?
3.And shouldn’t the PRO file be used in our case?

I’m asking for help as the license for the game seems unclear.

Thank you.

From the way I understand the licenses the music mass reproduction license would cover your needs.
I think if the game is exactly the same but communicated through different ways that should be ok.

Regarding PRO. You could give your local PRO a call and ask if you need additional licenses or not.

Thank you for answer!!
In the case of PRO, we don’t broadcast or perform, do we need additional licenses?
Or is it better not to use PRO music for our games?
Please reply.

Here’s some useful information from Envato about licencing PRO registered music here on AJ:

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Awesome! Thank you!

Thank you for your reply and clarification. I’ve always wondered how music is added to games. When I played Minecraft on pvp servers I always liked the music in the background. These servers keep the intrigue and battles going on and the developers have chosen the right music of course.