Is Music Standard License Enough for Me?


I’m building an app. I will use AudioJungle music. However, the music will not be stored in the downloaded app directly. It will be encrypted and obtained from the 1 copy in the database. I couldn’t decide if a Music Standard License would be sufficient. The music will play in the background and be freely accessibleand the user won’t be able to obtain a copy of it. Only listen to it.

I could not find my answer on the license descriptions, I would be happy if someone gave me a direct answer.

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It all depends on what audience will use your program. Generally for games, programs, etc. need a max license.

Hello Ekin,

For downloadable end products such as your app, the Standard license will cover your needs for up to 10 000 downloads. If you think you’ll reach beyond those 10 000 downloads, then you’ll need the Mass Reproduction license.

In any case, the music cannot be distributed to your end users. It can only be part of your end product, your app.

Hope it helps :slight_smile:

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If you want to use any exclusive project that audio then you have to purchase extended license.

This doesn’t make sense, and is wrong on several levels.