What is the difference between regular and extended licences in simple?

I am quite new to web designing and hoping to do my first theme purchase (Traveler - Travel Booking WordPress Theme). Want to know the difference between REGULAR and EXTENDED licences in simple terms?

More info here:

Hi @Dhammikaheenpella,

Actually, the difference between these licenses is very simple. Ask yourself this question:

Can anyone visit the website I built (with this theme) for free?

If you’re setting up a public website, the answer to this question for a theme is “yes”. As long as the answer is “yes”, you can use a regular license. This means:

  • You can use a regular license commercially.
  • You can sell goods and services on your website using the regular license.

If you’re setting up a private website, meaning only paying users can access the site and can only see the theme once they pay you, then you need an extended license.

Both licenses are only valid for building a single website.


Thank you for making it very clear. At the same time I have received 2 more replys to the same question which sounds somewhat confusing.

To make it very clear, I’m purchasing this Traveler theme for my client who’s a travel agent, and has s public website. With the regular licensing, will he be able to sell tours, car rentals, hotel rooms etc. for his customers?

Thank you heaps

yes your client will be able to sell tours, car rentals, hotel rooms etc. for his customers with regular licensing of the theme.


Great thanks