Regular or Extended?



Hi, a very quick question:

I’m building a website for a client through which he will be selling webinars. 2h sessions for example. I am about to purchase a theme which I would like to use to build it is unclear for me what the “end product” means in this case.

If I build a clothes shop on a wordpress theme I have purchased here, using a woocommerce plugin, I don’t need an extended licence. Would I need it if I want to sell 2h webinars through this website?

Thank you!


The Regular license is totally sufficient in the case described - it’s 1 end product which you use on your own for commercial purposes. You are not giving away the purchased product to the clients which would be the case for Extended license so clearly regular is the way to go.


That’s not exactly accurate. Once the website is complete, the OP can give the purchased product to the client, and ownership of the license transfers to them. That doesn’t require an extended license. The separation between regular and extended is whether the end users (end user isn’t the client) have to pay to access/use/view the product.

In the case of a clothes shop, an extended license isn’t required… as although the shop is selling items and making money from the site, the products they are selling are the clothes. Nobody has to pay to view the website.

In the OPs example… it’s a bit of a tough one. If the webinars came on a disk that were shipped, then that would be regular. If the end users pay to access the webinars through the site, or gain access to a paid part of the site, then it could be said that an extended license is required. Yes, they’re paying to watch videos not to look at the site, watching the videos online wouldn’t be possible if it wasn’t for the existence, design and features of the site.

So yeah, it’s a tough one. I’d lean towards you needing an extended license if end users are paying to watch the videos on the site, but I’d maybe drop an email to support and get clarification from the powers that be.


I think the regular license is enough in this case. “2h webinars” is a separate product and has nothing to do with which theme you use on your site. People don’t buy themes to run non-profit ventures ( unless that is the nature of business). So obviously your client is going to earn money in some way and no one should have problem with that.

The only thing is that, you can use this theme on only one client site and if you need same theme for another site, you will have to buy yet another regular license. :slightly_smiling:


Hey, you think along the same lines as I do. Would it affect the licence if the clients website would take payment and then redirect to a webinar hosting site to view the video feed, instead of embedding video feed on the actual clients website?

What classifies as “content” in this case? would embedded video feed hosted somewhere else be considered “content”?

I can see it in two different ways.

  1. video feed is content as it is on the website.
  2. it is a one off service sold through the website, hence not permanent content. (webinars will be live)

How is this different than someone selling stock photos? You can’t download the photo unless you paid for it - and I don’t think you need an extended licence for that.

This is all for a startup with a minimal investment, client won’t fork out $850 on extended licence, so if that’s the case, I’ll have to use a free template which is fine but I rather not :wink: