What is the correct size for mobile app screenshot.

Hello Everyone,
I’m a new author. I recently made a mobile app for CodeCanyon and submitted it for review. But I get soft rejected with the following message.

Please make sure your screenshot’s resolution is complying with the following standards, we’ve detected some incorrect resolutions. (Portrait: from 700px to 900px high, Landscape: min resolution of 1280 x 720 and aspect ratio of 16:9).

I know that this is my fault that I provided resolution screenshots. So, I was wondering if anybody can please suggest to me that what is the right dimension for the mobile app screenshot.

My current screenshot dimension is 576x1280 (That needs to change).
Currently, when I surf on CodeCanyon I see 2 types of screenshots for the app are there 426(W)x900(H) and 576(W)x1280(H).

Can anyone please suggest to me what is the actual size? And also what is the aspect ratio of 16:9. Because for 426(W)x900(H) I see it is 71:150 and for 576(W)x1280(H) I see it is 9:20.

So I really hope anybody can help me with the screenshot’s dimension for the mobile app :slight_smile: